Monday, October 13, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Welp, the hubby is gone again. The house needs a once over and I still need to finnish the twilight series so I can watch the movie! I leave on Thurs. with my sis to go visit my dad in Texas, which I am sooooo very excited about! I will only have Cali with me and she is an easy baby. Buttttt - It will be a busy week for me. Church yesterday was great! FHE and Family counsel was last night and we went over our disaster plan and 72 hr kits. REALITY HIT!!! We realized we had no clue what eachother would do in case of an emergency. We now have a spot to go to for a house fire, tornado, evacuation, etc. (including a place in our yard, our neighborhood, and outside of our neighborhood.) The kids now know when and how to get help and what to say when they call 911. We know our 72 hr kits are on the shelf in the garage where we can grab them and go. (well they will be when we get one for each member) We checked out our fire alarms and batteries are good. A friend told me to also put a family portrait in every 72 hr kit- in case you get separated you can point to the person in the pic and ask if anyone has seen him/her. I hope we can all take this stuff seriously and heed the counsel we have been given. Good luck to all!

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Anonymous said...

it's true that we all need to be prepared... i need to seriously GET BUSY with this!!!!