Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's not TNT if one T is missing!!

I'm really missing my hubby can you tell?

(Gone all week on business)

Tux jacket off , Face on!!!!
I am THE BOMB! Mr. Roboto Again, the bomb.
oooooo la la Kiss me baby Sweet as an angel and then... raaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!! The bomb I tell you, THE. BOMB. LOL
I took these pics for fun in our hotel after a Black Tie event for Terry's work in Penn. The evening was lots of fun! A New Orleans theme, we came home with lots of beads! We ate the best food ever! Some of the chocolates even had edible glitter!! We danced the night away(well, until we got back to the hotel) It was at that point I pulled out the camera and started taking pics of my crazy one and only!! Boy he sure can make me laugh sometimes!


Mary Ann said...

I have never seen so many different expressions from Terry! jk
Sounds like a blast, dancing and all that!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh how fun! These are some cute pictures of your hubby!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh how fun! These are some cute pictures of your hubby!

Anonymous said...


what helps me out when spencer is gone, is finding little projects to do. like one each day :)

Try that and time will go by faster. ♥

Good luck!!!!!

Jaime said...

ok... i think you had a little too much fun on your trip, i don't want details either, sister.lol!


You posted them. Did Terry know you were going to. I am going to show them to Grant right now. He he.

Anonymous said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, just think of all the projects you can tackle while he's gone!

Hang in there...

Jeremy & Lindsey said...

Of all people I know how you feel but guess what? Jerms doesn't work in vegas anymore. I have a husband again. I swear it feels like I got married again. Last week was the first week he was working here in town. I love the pics of Terry. I have the funniest bro-in-law on the planet. We miss and love you guys. Tell Terry we say hi too.