Friday, September 26, 2008

Lets get prepared together!

We all know we are supposed to be prepared. Only I know I am not near as prepared as I should be. We had an enrichment activity at my church that got me all excited about getting my 72 hr kit together. I brought home bunches of handouts. Well this was a while ago- I put the stack up in my room and there it sat until now! I don't know if it's the weather or the gas problem around here or the economy, but I decided it really is time to get busy. I know there are millions of different variations of 72 hr kits and if you are like me you can get overwhelmed by the choices but I just came across one that is very basic - that will at least give me a head start until I get my "real" 72 hr kit together (along with the 5 other members of my family!) This one says it's great for the office or to send w/ college kids to school but I thought hey- why not the car!(Where there are people getting stuck on the side of the road with no gas it couldn't hurt right?!!) SOOOOOOOOOOOO 72 hr kit in a #10 can
  • TP or bathroom wipes
  • Foil Blanket
  • Light Sticks (great time to buy)
  • Hand Warmer (great time to buy)
  • Hand Wipes
  • Protein Bars
  • Poncho
  • Matches
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hard Candy and Gum- AVOID mint flavors

Along side add a 2 liter bottle of WATER

Thanks to Heidi Keck for the handout

Whovever already has their 72 hr kits done "gimmie a scream" with any extra tips you felt was helpful for you!

Good luck to all including me!! and happy preparing!!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

AWESOME! You know HEIDI? She is a WONDERFUL FRIEND OF MINE! SMALL WORLD, huh? She is AWESOME and so was her 72 hour kit! I got a copy of everything and she told me all about it!
I LOVE your layout! TOO FUN!
Thanks for stopping by my page!
Please add me and be a follower! I would love it!

Mother Goose said...

Tif, put in your 72 hour kit anything you may need. I also packed in the event that one of might be seperated from each other.

we pack in a back pack a peice. Last years old school packs.

I get all of the travel size toiletries, from the dollar store or from hotels. small toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo conditioner. small dish rag (face, to clean a wound, etc)1 trash bag, waterproof matches, we each have a can opener. Even though one can opener would do, if we were together. You never know. We each have a game, from the dollar store, cards, dice, chalk, brain teazers, sudoku. (something to pass the time)
You have to pack each bag so that the individual person is able to carry their own bag. individual size wipes, hand sanitizers, notepad and pen, gum, and hard candy. 2 socks, 2 undies, jeans, t shirt, long sleeve shirt, rain jacket, foil blanket, toilet paper,

Now down to the meat of the kit.
breakfast- day 1
granola bar
juice pouch
peanut butter crackers
dinner: 1 can chicken or tuna.
(having protein is essential) crackers
Breakfast day 2
individual cereal boxes

It really isn't overwhelming if you think ok, we are going hiking for 3 days and we won't have fire.
Although, you can make your own buddy burners by using clean tuna or chicken cans, sawdust and wax and that can be your individual burner.

we have speghettios, ravioli, and canned chicken. campbells soup, peanut butter crackers, fruit roll ups, dried fruit, trail mix.

All of these things will keep well for at least 6 months, every 6 months you should rotate your 72 hour kits. So, every general conference or so, you can use what is in there or pretend you have to live off your kit.
Instead of 1-2 liter bottle of water. We choose 2 liter bottles of water. They are easier to balance in a back pack. $20 or $40 cash in ones and fives a roll of dimes and nickels.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SUUUUUCH a good idea!!!!!

i just went through our 72 hour kits... and they are all as old as butt.

everything was nasty-fied.

so i need to do this again! and i love your ideas!!!!!! i am going to use them!!!!!


I may add that you put a photo of each member of your family in your pack in-case you need to be searching for them or what have you. Also I always think that your house may be burning down and you would most likely want to have a few photos with you anyway.