Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Grasshopper is in MY hair?!!!!

Okay so Kade was outside playing with this grasshopper that kept jumping away from him. I was on the swing watching him and talking on the phone. He scared it and it jumped toward me. I said "Boy you better hope that thing doesn't land in my hair" and he got this evil grin and said it did!! Only the joke was on him because it actually jumped into HIS hair! I noticed it right as I was saying it so I yelled don't move, here talk to grandma, (I gave him the phone) I'll be right back. I ran in and got the camera. He didn't catch on until I said here look at the pics- and I flicked it out of his hair. I was laughing so hard when he said "HEY, it was in MY HAIR?" Yep Kade it was in your hair - not mine! teee heeee heeee!!!!!!


Mother Goose said...

ha, too funny! I am amazed the grasshopper stayed there until you could get a pic!

Mother Goose said...

right click on the ghoulish give away picture, save to your computer.

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Mother Goose said...

ok, i just gave you the info on how TO LINK!

Mother Goose said...

TIFFANY! This is how you add a button to your side bar

sign in , duh... LOL




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Anonymous said...

HA HA! that is Fuuu--huuunny!!!