Monday, March 30, 2009


Here's to a wonderful hubby and father! We love you!!
We went out to eat for lunch--Mexican our favorite!! The kiddies helped him open his gifts!
We made him breakfast!
Kade and Serrin decorated the area!! We had a lot of fun all day Sat as a family. A nice breakfast, then Amanda hit a mailbox with my new van, (it's okay no real damage tee hee) then a nice lunch. We tried to go bowling but no lanes open so we came home and rented movies. A great day in the Wilson home! I love it when there is happiness all around!


Mac said...

Happy Birthday Terry. Nice little entry there Tiff!!!! Glad you had a great family day. There's just nothing nicer!

Jaime said...

happy bday Terry
and way to go Amanda, break in the new car, that's what I always did, lol!

Jeremy & Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Bro from all of us Utah Wilsons. We love ya!!! Sorry we didn't call you.

Mother Goose said...

love it! I like your kitchen table too. I just added you to my side bar.

Tiffany and hers said...

Thanks- oh and wow do I feel priviledged!!!